About Snapfluence

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We exist to empower individual expression by facilitating collaboration among, providing resources for, and sharing inspiration with, the creative community in order to elevate the world of advertising and create more beautiful and meaningful interactions.

We believe that conventional mass-market advertising doesn’t work and as humans we seek genuine connections, authentic relationships and intimacy based on meaning. At its best, spam is ineffective, at its worst, it is destructive to a brand’s reputation. We’re aiming to eliminate lazy, outdated advertising. That’s where the creative community comes in.

By creatively interpreting the brands that you love, use, and believe in, you are changing the face of advertising for the better. Well-executed influencer campaigns can help brands gain trust with their target audiences. When you promote a product you care about, your followers gain awareness for a new brand or a renewed appreciation for a brand they already know.

Your endorsement is powerful, use it wisely.




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