Here's What A Great Media Kit Looks Like

Here's What A Great Media Kit Looks Like

3 Great Influencer Media Kits

As a followup to our guide to creating your very own media kit, we're showcasing 3 of the best real-life influencer media kits we've seen. Big thank you to Danny, Heidi, and Kosta for letting us share their media kits with you! If you're ready to make your own, check out these 30+ free media kit templates.

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Danny Owens

If you want to create a sleek, short and sweet media kit, this is the way to do it. He hits all of the main points to generate interest and encourage inquiries. Including a starting price for branded Instagram posts, which lets brands know right off the bat whether or not he’s in their ballpark budget. This also leaves room for negotiation and special pricing. Not to mention it’s aesthetically stunning. 


Heidi’s media kit effectively and elegantly portrays strong branding, which makes it easy for companies to determine if she is a good brand fit. Her bio covers both her professional brand and her personal brand, including details about how her experiences as a librarian inform her instructional style, which beautifully humanizes Hands Occupied. Her additional Design Philosophy blurb conveys her niche within the yarn crafting community, which is a nice unique touch.


Kosta’s media kit features a good balance of text, graphics, and high quality photos. The second page clearly lays out his offerings, rates, and past brand partnerships with examples of branded photos. This way brands can immediately get an idea of what Kosta can create for them without having to comb through his website. 


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