@Thirlby's Tips for Curating Your Instagram

@Thirlby's Tips for Curating Your Instagram

Tips & Tricks for Creating an Aesthetically Consistent Instagram Feed from Almila of @Thirlby.

5 key factors to consider when producing your Instagram content.


1. Signature Style

Before you dive in to establishing a consistent Instagram account, study your current grid. Is there a color or composition that you tend to gravitate towards? Is it darker vignettes, for instance, like those of Beth Kirby @local_milk and Joy Bythrow of @morningslikethese or the clean, crisp lines like those of @renee_kemps

Source:  @local_milk

Source: @local_milk

Source:  @renee_kemps

Source: @renee_kemps

2. Your Grid as a Whole

Establish your own signature style and, when you post something, envision how each photo will fit into the gestalt of your Instagram. Accordingly, if you gravitate towards brighter palettes, a dark photo will be out of place and create inconsistency within the larger scheme of the grid. Arrange your upcoming posts with the consideration of the full layout to create a flow in color and composition that effortlessly moves from one post to the next. My Instagram leans towards clean whites and blues. Kate Brien’s @viewfromthetopp account is a great example of a consistent story. 

source:  Thirlby

source: Thirlby

3. Assess Lighting

The most important thing to check before taking a photo is lighting. Always opt for natural lighting, preferably indirect and soft light. Overcast days are actually great for this. If the light is direct, which often happens to me in my kitchen when photographing food, I simply draw the blinds down slightly or hang a linen in front of the window to break up and soften the light. 

4. Create clean composition and perspective

Your background is just as important as your lighting. Make sure that the surface or background is not busy or creating too many shadows that draw attention away from what you’re trying to focus the photo on. Marble boards for food photography or poster boards work great for a clean background. Play around with perspective too—move around a building for a few different shots or move your props around to capture a different angle. For my Instagram, I tend to gravitate towards slightly messy yet aesthetically pleasing top-down shots.

5. Edit and Clean

Most Instagrammers edit their photos, so make sure to utilize the right apps and filters to edit. Have your own set of tried-and-true options that you can depend on. I often use the same filters on VSCO Cam in addition to playing with brightness, exposure, temperature, and sharpness of the photo to create my crisp and vibrant Instagram feed. 

Big thanks to Almila Kakinc-Dodd for this article. Find her at thethirlby.com and @thirlby on Instagram. 

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