Need a costume idea? These creators got your back.

Need a costume idea? These creators got your back.

Need a costume idea? These creators got your back. 

Snooze on putting together your Halloween costume? Yeah, us too. But luckily these 5 DIY creators have got your back with oodles of cute handmade costume ideas.


Brittany has a big ol’ archive of holiday costume DIYs from years past, for kids and adults alike. This year she partnered with Bath and Body Works on a 3 Part Halloween series featuring costumes you can make with everyday materials, like this majestic unicorn or show stopping mermaid. 


52% of the American population will dress up as something food related for Halloween this year. Just kidding, I made that statistic up. But dressing up as food is always a good idea. Sam has got you covered, whether you want to be a taco, a box of popcorn, or a three tiered cake. 


If you’re looking for a costume for both you and your boo thang, Ashley has several adorable and super spot on last minute costume ideas. Our favorites: Lars and the Real Girl, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. 


Caitlin, Manda, and Marla have a few clever and artfully crafted costumes on their site, including this killer and oh so easy Sun Maid costume and this taxidermy deer costume.


Oh Happy Day is a treasure trove of DIY projects and costumes. A lot of the costumes are for babies and children, but who’s to say that you can’t make the same costumes adult sized? 

Bonus: Need even more ideas? Check out these handmade Halloween costume roundups from two more creators we love!

24 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas by Paper & Stitch and 10 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas by The Crafted Life.

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