5 Non-Boring Thanksgiving Recipes from Influencers

5 Non-Boring Thanksgiving Recipes from Influencers

For the love of all that is good and holy, please make one or all of these recipes instead of the old school, sodium-laden green bean casserole... or at least in addition to it. We get it, old habits die hard. What's your favorite, non-traditional Thanksgiving dish? 

1. Savory Mushroom Dutch Baby with Roasted Chantrelle Butter from @evakosmasflores 

Savory, fluffy, buttery, woody... what's not to love?  Recipe here

2.  Sprouted Brown Rice Pilaf with Roasted Grapes and Fennel from @dollyandoatmeal

This is beautiful and it only takes one damn pot to make. Recipe here. 

3. Pumpkin soup with turmeric and ginger from @gatherandfeast

This Recipe has a couple secret ingredients that make it richer and more complex than your basic pumpkin soups. 

4. Maple pecan roasted brussels sprouts from @loveandlemons

Farro, cranberries, pecans, roasted red onion... get the recipe here.

5. Squash baked mac n cheese from @halfbakedharvest

Three cheeses, cavatappi, and a crunchy topping served in a delightful gourd? Yes. Please. Recipe here

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