6 Beautiful Holiday Pies

6 Beautiful Holiday Pies

Just because we love pie. 

1. @Theproperblog's "Be Merry" masterpiece. 

Check out these "Tips for baking, decorating, & perfecting thanksgiving pies"  from Lexy's blog.

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2.  Apple Caramel pie from @toetjeaddicted

Get the recipe on Anastasia's site here

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3. No baking list is complete without @Joythebaker. Here's a Salty Honey Pie Recipe

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4. Alright, this isn't technically a pie. But it's gorgeous and it happens to be gluten free without any weird substitutions. @Bakingamoment dreamt up this beauty. Recipe for Apple Rose Tart with Maple Custard and Walnut Crust

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5. @Abbystolfo has a never fail pie crust recipe that you can shape and fill however you damn well please. 

6. @Northerndixiekitchen has a Maple Purple Potato Pie recipe... it's just beautiful. 

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