Salvage Design: A Lesson in Bringing Dreams to Life

Salvage Design: A Lesson in Bringing Dreams to Life

This Is How @kmsalvagedesign Brings Her Dreamy Photos To Life

We stumbled across @kmsalvagedesign on Instagram a few months ago and have been smitten ever since. Kristen is a whiz at prop styling and flat lays, and we’re frankly in awe of some of the designs she manages to arrange by hand. Not to mention, Kristen’s brand collaborations are artfully styled-- look to her for lessons on how to seamlessly integrate branded content into your feed.

A commissioned holiday piece for @ebmnewhaven 🍴

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Flowers in space (aka pavement)

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If you’re anything like us, you’re wondering how Kristen’s images are even real. We had to find out, so we sat down with Kristen to ask her a few questions about Salvage Design.

Tell us about how and when Salvage Design was started. 

I started Salvage Design a few years back as an umbrella for the small projects I’d been working on.  At the time, I was modifying men’s vintage coats to give them a modern edgy spin and selling them. The name Salvage Design sort of fit the bill. 

Your experience spans a few different mediums, from floral design and interior decorating to window design and prop styling. Which is your favorite medium to work with and why?

I enjoy doing a little bit of everything but I’d have to say that my favorite medium is prop styling - specifically flat lay style images. Finding ordinary objects and transforming them to give them new life excites me.  


How do you come up with the concepts for your images? 

Every image has its own process. Some start with a conceptual idea, whereas others start by experimenting with shapes and colors. At times I’ll have concept that interests me, but as I begin building, the aesthetic just isn’t there and I have to rethink. My ideas come to me at unexpected times. Maybe out on a walk, I spot a leaf or a rock that resembles something else — or in the produce aisle at the grocery store surrounded by colorful beautiful food, or falling asleep in bed at night - those are where many of my ideas are born.   

Once you have a concept, walk us through the process of bringing it to life. 

Once I have a concept I’m not always certain that it’s going to work. Often, my idea evolves into something different than I intended. I choose a background that compliments the objects I'm working with and usually sit on the floor to start creating. I let it happen naturally and try not to force it. That’s when the good stuff happens. “Forcing it” ends up being a recipe for wasted time and a lifeless image. 

Tell us where our readers can find you!

You can find me on Instagram - @kmsalvagedesign
If you like what you see, my prints are for sale at

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