2016: A Year in Review

2016: A Year in Review

2016: A Social Media Year in Review

2016. Woof. What a year. It’s safe to say everyone’s ready for it to be over, but before we say goodbye, let’s take a look at some of the highlights (and in some respects, lowlights) of the year. 

In addition to curating a special feed on the explore page titled The Golden Globes: An Inside Look, Instagram enlists famed Dutch photographers Inez and Vinoodh to take stunning and timeless studio portraits of the winners, which are immediately shared to the @goldonglobes Instagram account, giving the public a unique and intimate perspective in the moment.

Instagram finally lets you switch between accounts. Jeez, took ya long enough.

Instagram introduces new algorithm changes that eliminate chronological feeds. This ignites the great “turn on notifications” pandemic of 2016. 

via  Fusion

via Fusion

Instagram increases video length allowance from 15 to 60 seconds, forever altering the nature of video content on the platform. 

Instagram reveals a new “modern” and somewhat controversial logo. Shortly after, Instagram launches business accounts, the most exciting feature being the new (long-awaited) analytics capabilities. 

Selena Gomez shares the most liked photo in Instagram’s history, which also happens to be a sponsored post. +1 to influencer marketing.


when your lyrics are on the bottle 😛 #ad

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Augmented Reality makes a mainstream debut as Pokemon Go hits the streets. The game boosts National Park attendance, an irony we will see more of as National Parks staff attempt to connect with younger generations through technology and social media. 

Instagram surprises the public with the release of Stories, an undeniable carbon copy of Snapchat Stories. Soon after, Instagram allows you to (creepily) pinch and zoom in on photos and videos, previously one of the most requested features. 

via  Buffer

via Buffer

Fictional influencer Louise Delage skyrockets to fame as part of Addict Aide and BETC’s “Like my Addiction” campaign. In other news, Twitter answers our prayers and now excludes media attachments and quoted tweets from the 140-character limit.

Cyberattacks temporarily bring down Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify, NYT, Etsy, and other major content and shopping destinations, and just days later, Vine is pronounced dead.

Snap Spectacles vending machines pop up in major cities around the country, ushering in a new era for Snapchat. Celebrity YouTuber Casey Neistat quits his vlog, sending ripples across the industry, and Instagram introduces live video, Snapchat-esque disappearing photo and video messages, and mobile shopping integration. What a month!

via  CNET

via CNET

Snapchat strikes back and introduces the Groups feature we’ve all been waiting for, broadening the potential for the app to steal user-time from other group messaging apps like GroupMe, WhatsApp, or even iMessage.


Happy New Year from Team Snapfluence to you and yours! We can't wait to see what our industry has in store for 2017. 

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