@Civitastres: Three Artists. Three Cities.

@Civitastres is a constantly growing and changing photography collective. They share an Instagram account in which each member takes control of a vertical column and posts images from their city. We sat down to learn more about how they started and some of the members. 

I guess Civi started quite a while before Civi officially started, let me explain.

I was always drawn to photography, I loved the idea of pictures telling stories no matter how cliche that sentiment has become. Everyone takes pictures, everyoneโ€™s pictures are different and thatโ€™s beautiful. That idea, that concept, I have carried with me for a lot longer than the few months Civi has been running. The Instagram account started when I was trying to keep in touch with two of my friends whilst all living in different countries. Conventional chat was dying and we all loved to take pictures so I thought, why not share an Instagram page? There are three columns on Instagram display, three of us, and three different styles of taking pictures, it was perfect. The account brought us closer because we had to talk about the posting schedules, directions we wanted to go, etc. And slowly the account grew.

After the two original admins left the Instagram account, the two current photographers Aya and Malak joined. Malak, Aya and I all went to high school together in Saudi Arabia and were good friends, we all were into photography and visual arts so it made perfect sense for them to join.

Aya lives in Boston and is studying Neurology at BU, she loves art, fashion and anything edible. She has always had a creative side, and has been doing art for as long as I have known her. She has a strong opinion about social justice and enjoys writing about her views.

Malak lives in Sharjah, UAE and is studying international law. She's into art too but more so into current world events and human rights in international law. She likes to think she's smart by using big words but she really just eats grilled cheese all the time. Her place of refuge is the gym, she's always there sweating her stress away and we're all jealous of her.

As for myself, I live in Tucson Arizona. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of photography from the pictures to the cameras, everything before and after capturing a shot. Iโ€™m also into everything film; so I love tv shows, web shows and movies quite a bit, which is why I love playing with videos and even editing sometimes.


A brand collaboration across the three columns. 

A brand collaboration across the three columns. 


Our account started off with us just wanting to share our pictures with the world but it has turned into much more. We not only want the world to see our photography but we want to create a community that appreciates art and media in all of its forms. We are so much bigger than our pictures, we have interests that span so many fields and would love to share them. Our website is allowing us to not only share our pictures at a faster rate, but the blog section is giving us a medium to share our voices. We have big dreams for Civi and would love for you guys to join our journey.

Big thank you to Adeib El Masri for this feature. You can follow the collective at @civitastres and you can follow Adeib at @adeib97.

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