Jeff Jones on His New Home: "Kansas City I'm So In Love"

Jeff Jones on His New Home: "Kansas City I'm So In Love"

Kansas City I'm So In Love - By Jeff Jones

 Hi my name is Jeff Jones you can find me on Instagram @ohsnapjeff. On March 28th, 2016, I sold everything and uprooted my life and moved to Kansas City, Missouri with my family. Before moving here I knew I was in love with this place and these people and it wasn’t just infatuation. I’ve finally found where I belong in a place where my personalty, style and gifting can thrive. No matter how long you live in a place, I believe that you should always have the heart of a tourist falling in love over and over again with where you live. 

Walking through the streets of KC radiates an excitement and energy in the people and the atmosphere. Opportunity and innovation are on the rise and there is space for the entrepreneur, the artist and the maker to live their dreams here. Everyday, there are new pop-ups and the city core has more local coffee shops than chains. Urban neighborhoods are being revitalized and abandoned properties being demolished or transformed into places for good use. In the East Bottoms, there is new life developing in an industrial area. Pigwich, a stationary food truck, serves up fresh sandwiches supplied from The Local Pig, the butcher shop next door. Everything is made right there from the pickles and sauces, and the buns are supplied locally from Farm to Market. I took a trip there recently and it didn’t disappoint! 

The New York Times just announced that Kansas City will have the largest co-working space in the world, known as the Plexpod Westport Commons, which once was a middle school in Westport. Many schools have closed because of a poor school system, but don’t let that scare you; sometimes things have to die for new things to come alive. For young families there are many options for private and alternative charter schools that are being organized by people who have a passion for quality education. Our school-age boys attend Citizens of the World, a charter school that has a gentle and individualized approach to learning. We have met amazing families that still love the city and want good options for their children.  

Well-earned nicknames like “Paris of the Plains” and “City of Fountains” are displayed in the beautiful architecture lining streets with parks and fountains nestled in corners. And we all know Kansas City is well known for its barbecue. Really, there’s never an excuse to be bored with so much to do-from art festivals or exploring the Nelson-Atkins museum to rummaging through antiques in the West Bottoms or going to First Fridays where the streets are filled with food trucks, art exhibits and music year round. 

If you’re in KC, here are a few places I suggest you check out: 

Thou Mayest is my favorite place to relax, hangout with friends or get some work done. The atmosphere is original and organic. Not only do they serve and roast coffee but it’s also a bar serving up some really flavorful and unique drinks.

If you want to see the best view of the city visit Liberty Memorial. From there you can head over to Union Station. You can imagine the history there of people packed up and heading west and saying good bye to their loved ones on trains. Almost considered for demolition at one point, the station has undergone a 234 million dollar restoration.  Finally, there are many fun vibrant neighborhoods to explore that are filled with unique restaurants and shops including The Crossroads, Westport, Power and Light District, The Plaza, Historic Hyde Park and more. Bonus: The Nelson Atkins Museum is free and the grounds are beautiful. The KC Street Car is free to ride and circles around many of the urban core neighborhoods.

The @Igkansascity Instagram community is thriving with over 22k followers and over 217,000 images tagged to our city. That’s something to be proud of! When I moved here I was asked to join the team of moderators, which I am humbled and thankful to be part of. We are always organizing fun events for creatives to come together and explore the city. I love this community and have had the opportunity to meet people from around the globe! 

Big thanks to Jeff Jones for this awesome reflection on his new home! Follow him at @ohsnapjeff and follow the KC community at @Igkansascity.

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