7 Yogis to Inspire Your Flow

7 Yogis to Inspire Your Flow

7 Yogis to Inspire Your Flow

1. @yogamaris

Maris is wise beyond her years-- in addition to being a college Freshman and an experienced yoga teacher, Maris is a beautiful writer and it shows in her thoughtful captions. Her feed glows with authenticity and optimism. 

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2. @sylvie.curci

Yoga on the ground is cool, but how about yoga in the air? Whether she’s balancing on someone’s hands or hanging from a walk signal, Sylvie exhibits equal parts grace and spunk. She demonstrates that you can find your balance anywhere, even in the middle of a city as chaotic as NYC. 

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3. @dade2shelby

Former NFL athlete DJ Townsel adopted a yoga practice a few years ago and never looked back. His strength and power are evident in his beautiful poses and the meticulous control he shows in his flows. 

Let the shadows fall behind you #RastaYogi #OnlyTheAvatar

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4. @yogaracheal

Rae’s feed is full of instructional posts to help you learn the foundations of yoga, including her recent 31 day #FoundationsOfYoga series. She’s an inspiration to beginner and advanced yogis alike. Her flow videos are gorgeous and full of power. 

5. @the_southern_yogi

Morgan shares a combination of gorgeous beachfront yoga photos, flow hyperlapses, acroyoga, and stunning partner yoga. Fair warning: if yoga-apparel-envy is a thing, you’ll experience it scrolling through her feed. 

6. @nolatrees

Dana is one of the lovely ladies smashing the “yoga body” stereotype and giving societal expectations the middle finger. Dana exudes self love and isn’t afraid to be real about life or her yoga practice. Look to Dana for honest insights about being a yoga teacher, the ups and downs of yoga practice, and the journey to deep self love. 

A photo posted by Dana Falsetti (@nolatrees) on

A photo posted by Dana Falsetti (@nolatrees) on

7. @yogibobby

Robert manages to find the most scenic and secluded beach backdrops for his yoga photos. He creates gorgeous shapes in gorgeous places-- what more could you want in your feed? 

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