Spotlight: Creative Babes

Spotlight: Creative Babes

Spotlight: Creative Babes, Columbus, OH 

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Creative Babes is a Columbus-based group that brings creative women together to foster authentic connections in a laid-back, non-competitive environment. 
Relationships are amongst our most valuable creative resources-- find out from co-founders Hilary Buchanan and Megan Leigh Barnard how Creative Babes is inspiring and cultivating the creative community in Columbus.

How and why did Creative Babes start?
Over Manhattans! But really, it did. The idea came up very naturally in conversation. Creative Babes was born out of a desire to have a non-judgmental, casual, low-key environment where women could have some creative conversations. We’ve been called the “unicorn” of social networking and we love that, because yeah, we’re about connection, but we want it to be really natural and low-pressure. We want women to feel like they can be themselves, for real. Creative Babes is not about giving out business cards, it’s about forming genuine connections. Those connections can lead to really great things – whether that’s a working partnership or friendship. We dig all of that, and it all seems to happen pretty seamlessly.

What is your definition of creativity?
We do interviews for our blog and we ask creative women this question all of the time! It’s a lot harder to answer when you’re on the other side of it. But we think there are a lot of answers. It’s expression, observation, problem solving. That’s the beauty of it – we believe everyone has the capacity to be creative.

With the rise of the creative class, there is a growing expectation for us to create “on demand,” which can be a struggle. What advice do you have for content creators to stay inspired and productive? 
Oh gosh, yeah there’s a lot of pressure to create on demand. We get it. We dance with that pressure a lot. We think it comes down to being true to yourself. Don't get trapped into doing something trendy if it's not what inspires you. Don’t make yourself sick over creating content if you need to rest. Life’s way too short for that. And in terms of staying inspired and productive, fail a lot. It teaches you so much. Get out of your comfort zone. Take risks. Keep schedules. Take breaks. Try something, and if it doesn’t energize you, maybe you don’t do it again. We’re not experts so take our advice with a grain of salt, but we do try to be mindful and flexible. Remember, you’re not a machine, you’re a human.

What are your top strategies for building community amongst creatives?
Hm, we’ve never really put our strategy into words, but positivity and authenticity have always been key values for us. We try to consistently open up about our struggles, our failures, our triumphs. We want our community to be genuine, so we try to practice what we preach. Opening up an honest, positive, oftentimes vulnerable dialogue in a community can be very powerful. It can also be a really great catalyst for creative work. We pretty much just put out the same vibe we want to receive back, and it seems to work! That’s our strategy.

Tell us how people in Columbus and beyond can get involved with Creative Babes! 
Check out our new website! We’ve got a newsletter called Babe Mail that you can sign up for. We’ve always got workshops and events in the mix, and are working on new ways to connect babes digitally too. But the website, that’s our hub – our megaphone, if you will. We’re growing, and are learning how to grow, but are always looking for partnerships and collaborators. Don’t be afraid to shoot us an e-mail!

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