5 Instagrammers to Inspire Your Next Flat Lay

5 Instagrammers to Inspire Your Next Flat Lay

5 Instagrammers to Inspire Your Next Flat Lay

 There’s something so undeniably pleasing about hyper-organization. There’s a whole psychology behind it, but we don’t want to bore you with all that-- let’s just skip to your daily dose of order. Time to let that inner neat-freak fly with these #ThingsOrganizedNeatly accounts.

1. @suite22antiques

Jenn collects kitschy antiques and neatly arranges them for sweet overlays. Her quirky images are reminiscent of a vintage-themed I Spy book. 

2. @mitchyasui

There’s something so simply satisfying about an outfit flat lay. Mitchell’s looks are sleek and timeless, so you might even find some wardrobe inspiration. 

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3. @caroline_south

In addition to some beautifully styled and whimsical floral photographs, Caroline features neat arrangements of her “beach finds,” often dominated by little plastic toy pieces. As they say, one man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure.

4. @kmsalvagedesign

From Q-tips to candy to leaves, Kristen can make any medium look neat and tidy. Not to mention her pastel backdrops make her arrangements that much more pleasing. 

5. @everydaycarry

Everyday Carry features arrangements of the items that people carry everyday in their pockets or bags. EDC aims to help people discover the appropriate gadgets and accessories for their everyday lives, professions, and interests. 

Bonus: @thingsorganizedneatly

Of course we need to pay homage to the account that started it all! Austin Radcliffe, the curator of the original Things Organized Neatly Tumblr, can also be found on Instagram curating even more tidy images.

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