When Bloggers Go Rogue: On Reinventing Your Social Presence

When Bloggers Go Rogue: On Reinventing Your Social Presence

When Bloggers Go Rogue: On Reinventing Your Social Presence

We’re reaching this critical tipping point in social media and internet history in which people are getting burnt out. It was new and exciting and fun for awhile, and woah, once you realized you could make money doing it?! Everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, and other social influencers lost a big part of themselves somewhere along the way, and they’re starting to see the light. 

They’re pulling back, re-calibrating, and finding new focuses that are true to their own interests and passions. They’re prioritizing precise brand alignment when collaborating or taking on sponsorships. They’re dropping social media channels that they have no desire to keep up. They’re totally changing the themes and topics of their content to better reflect who they personally have evolved into over the past few years while their social media persona has remained unchanged. 

Is this the future of social media? Will we see more creators who are genuinely doing what they love, and fewer spammy creators who are just trying to make a buck? More people interested in developing their craft, and fewer people interested in creating a social media account just to make money off of it? It seems that this is where the tides are turning. And as creators are returning to more authentic brand identities, they’re reporting renewed inspiration, creativity, and engagement. 

Here’s was 4 bloggers had to say about shifting gears, reigning things in, being true to themselves, and reinventing their personal brands.

Stacy Toth and her husband Matt McCarry were formerly known at the Paleo Parents. Here’s what she had to say about ditching PP and launching their new blog, Real Everything. 

While we were endlessly motivated by the audience we’d fallen so in love with and connected to, we grew resentful of the time and money we were spending administering the blog, instead of being able to focus on having fun and just sharing and enjoying the things that simply compelled us. While we grew exhausted of having to defend parts of the blog that weren’t necessarily perfectly paleo or about parenting, we began thinking about what our true passions were. What we wanted to blog about. Which is when we decided we wanted to pull back and just run a personal blog again. One that was just about us, about anything we wanted to share – we wanted to be able to be real about everything.

What an awesome realization it was! Immediately the spark of creativity hit us – we knew we wanted to do less recipes (since Stacy works during school hours food photography always means taking time away from the family) and were hit with ideas for many other things we did want to do – like talk about other healthy lifestyle aspects (such as safer skincare and body love). 

Read more here.


In Trisha Hughes’ recent blog post titled, “How To Fail At Being a Food Blogger,” she explores her evolution as a blogger and the exciting but scary potentiality of broadening her content topics. 

As I started wiggling around in the ‘good idea factory’ of my blog, I realized there were a lot of topics I wanted to write about. So I did. But over time, I realized, as can happen with anything, I ended up doing what felt easy; what felt comfortable. And that was to churn out weekly recipes.

And you guys, while I love cooking, I’m really really really really really burned out on writing recipes. And I realized, it kinda made cooking not so fun for me anymore, but I did it anyway, because it was familiar & routine & doing something else made me feel scared & worried & uncomfortable. So I kept doing the thing I’d been doing for so long even though I’ve realized for quite some time now, that my blog didn’t feel like a true reflection of myself. 

And you guys, that kinda sucked.

Something happened over the 4 years of writing this blog. I realized, like most humans, I had many more passions that what I was writing about. I love cooking. I love photography. I love clothes & creating a style that empowers me & makes me feel fabulous in my skin. I love makeup & skin care & manicures & searching for safer, healthier options. I love being a pseudo hippy & doing things a lot of people would find a bit too ‘crunchy’ but I never got the chance to share that kinda stuff with you guys because of being too darn scared to break out of the box I created for myself as a ‘food blogger’.

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Juli Bauer has received a lot of backlash in recent years and months for incorporating her other interests into her food blog. This is how she puts her readers in their place. 

PaleOMG continues to grow with expanding from food, to fitness, to fashion and now I’m dipping my toes into some beauty and even some travel coming up! I’ve expanded so much in the last couple years because I continue to grow and change and my interests do as well! It sucks I even have to preface this, but I do: If this kind of post does not interest you (well, I don’t know why you even opened the post then…duh), if you don’t care about skincare or beauty, that is totally fine. No need to tell me, no need to comment. If you are just interested in food, then check out my 650 FREE recipes. I can guarantee that you have not tried all 650 recipes. This sort of post interests others and it interests me, so I will continue to share posts like this in the future!

Read the rest of this post here.


Jordan Page has had a roller coaster personal journey with blogging. Her blog post “Why I’m quitting blogging” outlines her trials and tribulations, and her renewed commitment for “taking her blog back” in 2017.

Over the last few years, this blessing [blogging] has became a curse at times. The deadlines. The rules. The analytics. The “pay to play” game that every. single. social media channel is forcing us to play. The emails. Oooooooh the emails. The (surprisingly occasional but still there) snarky comments online. The try-as-hard-as-I-might-its-hard-not-to-compare-yourself-to-others game.

I’m done. It’s enough.

Over the last year I gave it one last giant College Try. I decided I was going to give it one year where I “blog” like the big dogs do. I decided to follow all the “rules”. Play all the “games”. I decided to focus, and treat my blog like a “blog”, according to the professionals, articles, and conferences, and do it…”right”.
Guess what?

I hated it. And so did you.

My traffic dropped. It plummeted, actually. My workload increased. My stress level went up. I took on sponsorships that paid well, but made me want to dig a hole and bury myself in it. I played by all the rules, and
It. Didn’t. Work.


 I’m finally at a place that I’m going to light my torch, throw some war paint on my face, and

take. my. site. BACK

Read about Jordan’s 2017 blog commitment here.


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