10 Addictive Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

10 Addictive Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

10 Addictive Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

It seems like everybody and their mother has a podcast these days. We waded through the noise to find the podcasts that are truly worth your time. 

1. After the Jump
Those familiar with Design*Sponge might be surprised to find out that they have a podcast! Hosted by Grace Bonney, After the Jump delves into the successes and struggles of creative entrepreneurs. Through a series of interviews with independent artists and business owners, Grace and her guests cover topics like becoming your brand, how to create content for the new online world, and the changing pay rates for creatives. Archives here. 

2. Make it Happen
Make it Happen host Jen Carrington is a creative coach whose mission is to “help purpose-driven creatives cultivate and build impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative lives.” On Make it Happen, Jen interviews purpose-driven creatives about topics like defining success on your own terms, facing financial uncertainty in your creative life, and how to run an online business without losing yourself to the internet. Archives here

3. On Brand
Having trouble building a distinct and authentic brand? Then the On Brand podcast would be a great resource for you. Host Nick Westergaard interviews branding experts from big companies like Adobe and Whole Foods on brand and social media strategies, and speaks with marketing experts on topics like why your content strategy is only as good as your brand strategy. Archives here.  

4. Hashtagged
Hashtagged is one of (if not the only) Instagram-centric podcasts out there. Hosted by photographer Jordan Powers, Hashtagged focuses on three main pillars: photography, Instagram, and people. Hashtagged is great for anyone looking to step up their mobile and DSLR photography game, or those interested in the community aspect of Instagram. Jordan and his guests also cover topics like creating branded content and the life of a photojournalist. Archives here.

5. Accidental Creative
Todd Henry’s podcast Accidental Creative is the answer to your create-on-demand dilemma. Todd’s interviews with artists and business leaders reveal strategies and everyday practices that will help you stay on top of you game in work and life. You’ll learn pro tips on things like how to stand out from the crowd and overcoming creative roadblocks. Archives here

6. Creative Pep Talk
Host Andy J. Miller has made it his mission to help creatives “strike the perfect balance between art and business.” Through artist interviews and personal anecdotes, Creative Pep Talk helps you streamline a plan for creative career success. Andy and his guests cover topics such as harnessing the power of your personal brand and how to know what type of work you should be making. Archives here

7. The Fizzle Show
In their own words, The Fizzle Show shares conversations about “the art and science of supporting yourself doing something you care about.” Hosts Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, and Steph Crowder, are engaging and each share differing perspectives which makes for dynamic answers to your questions. Listen to episodes on anything from time management tips to reasons why your audience isn’t growing. Archives here. 

8. Being Boss
Hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, Being Boss is a podcast specifically for creative entrepreneurs. Emily, Kathleen, and their guests, discuss the joys and struggles of owning and running creative businesses. Being Boss covers topics related to personal life like prioritizing relationships as well as strictly business topics like what to do when your metrics suck or how to create a business model. Archives here.

9. 10,000 HOURS
10,000 HOURS is based on Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that “any given skill takes ten thousand hours to master.” Hosted by Grant Spanier and Vince Koci, 10,000 HOURS features weekly discussions with professionals like David Sherry from Death to Stock about craft, creativity, entrepreneurship, living your passion, and everything else that goes into becoming an expert. Archives here.

10. Unmistakable Creative
As a self described TEDTalks meets Oprah podcast, Unmistakable Creative seeks to help you break past creative blocks and become more purpose driven in life and in your career. Candid interviews about creativity and business cover topics like killing email anxiety and the power of making your work more personal. Archives here.


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