Still Don't Have a Halloween Costume? These Creators Got You Covered

Still Don't Have a Halloween Costume? These Creators Got You Covered

We’re almost into single digits counting down the days til Halloween, which means it’s time to throw together that last minute costume for your spooktacular shindig. We’ve rounded up some creators who can help you with that. 

The House That Lars Built

Brittany is back at it again, this time with 4 adorable and easy iron on costumes. My personal favorites? The constellation and the ants on a picnic blanket! Plus she’s got a roundup of sweet mama & baby costumes.

Keiko Lynn

Keiko’s got a whole assortment of brilliant costume ideas, including several couple costumes, in her archives. The Tomorrowland characters and Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom are definite standouts.

Camille Styles

The team over on Camille Styles’ blog knocked this DIY costume outta the park (*ba dum tss!*) Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the kick ass ladies from A League of Their Own?

Studio DIY

Lisa Frank!!! Why isn’t this a more popular costume idea?! It’s so smart. Dressing up in a rainbow of colors is foolproof fun. Dibs on the rainbow tiger. 

Brit + Co

So Brit + Co isn’t really a creator, but their costumes are too good to not include. This David Bowie and Prince couple costume is everything. 

Header photo by arvin febry on Unsplash

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