Content Scheduling Tools That Other Creatives Recommend

Content Scheduling Tools That Other Creatives Recommend

We troll lots and lots of creative groups, comment threads, conversations at coffee shops… you name it. We’re real eavesdroppers because we know that other professionals are the best sources for recommendations and advice. So here are some recommendations from creative pros on their favorite social scheduling tools. 


This tool allows you to recycle your older content to get a longer lifecycle out of your posts.
For $49 per month, you get an unlimited library, 25 accounts, and fully automated posting & resharing – billed monthly or annually. And unlike other schedulers, there are no tiers – we don’t save the best features for big businesses. You get instant access to every single Edgar feature.
Here’s some testimonials from creatives: 

Danielle from Merriweather Council:  

“It's very easy to use and very "set it and forget it" but it's $$. It works with pages, groups, Twitter and LinkedIn. I barely use it for Twitter and I don't even have LinkedIn so I could probably switch to something else but it's very reliable. I hold out hope they add platforms to it eventually. The best feature is of course that it can post on a set schedule (post this exact thing every Monday at this exact time) and/ or post to a time slot on a certain platform anything from whatever content library.”

Ashley from Monocle Interactive:

I actually switched from Smarterqueue to Meet Edgar. Meet Edgar was actually cheaper for me and had a cleaner interface making it easier to use.


SmarterQueue works with your favorite social media networks to help you schedule your posts, analyze competitors, and find great content to share. Pricing varies, but starts as low as $16.99/month and goes up to $67.
With every plan you get allllll of this: 

  • Evergreen recycling

  • Content curation
  • Content categories
  • Visual calendar
  • Analytics
  • Custom post-text for each network
  • Social tagging/mentions
  • Browser bookmarklet
  • RSS feeds
  • Social media monitoring
  • Saved social searches
  • Bitly link-shortening
  • Draft posts
  • Unlimited users
  • Email support

Lindsey from Hazel Haven

“I’m a huge fan of SmarterQueue for Facebook/ FB group/ Twitter. It helps me post online consistently without being online 24/7!” 


Tailwind is “Your end-to-end solution for winning on Pinterest and Instagram.” With this platform you can discover content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, amplify reach, and analyze results. Their price for bloggers and small businesses is hard to beat at $9.99/mo. 

Lindsey from Hazel Haven

“I love Tailwind for Pinterest. It’s helped me double my traffic and connect with others with tribes!”


If you’re visual, this could be the tool for you. Planoly was thoughtfully designed from a designer’s and editor’s point of view. Beautifully crafted to be simple, clean and easy to use. It’s the first visual planner for Instagram. Clear and to the point web and mobile app — Planoly is the most effective visual social media planner on the market (oh, and you can schedule too)! Plans start at just $7/mo for solo accounts. 

Lindsey from Hazel Haven 
“I’m really loving Planoly for Instagram. I love the drag and drop feature on both the ios app and web tool. (plus it’s free)” 

Alexandra from The Productivity Zone
I also use Planoly for Instagram


This platform has lots of integrations-- including Canva. It allows you to create, organize, save and schedule posts, pins and tweets all in one place with effort saving features to free you from the overwhelm of social media marketing. Plans are super affordable at $8.34/ mo. 

Shaina from Your Ampersand Studio:
I use and love CinchShare


If you’re looking for the true content calendar feel, this might be the platform for you. CoSchedule allows you to create a unified workflow for every project with their drag + drop calendar. Sync your teams inside a collaborative, cross-functional calendar for social, content, email, events, and more. Plans start at $40/ mo. 

Alexandra from The Productivity Zone:  
"I've been using CoSchedule for years now and I love it!! I love it even more now that they finally brought out a plan that's PERFECT for solopreneurs and bloggers. It's the blogging calendar + social media scheduling + they're amazing ReQueue feature and it's HALF of what I was paying before. So stoked!!" 

Bonus Tip:

Katelyn from Studio1862 shared this interesting bit of info about Facebook’s native scheduling tool: 

"Facebook’s Publishing Tools to schedule FB posts (apparently FB doesn’t like scheduler apps and posts posted with those other apps don’t get the same organic reach)"

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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