Should You Delete Old Social Posts?

Should You Delete Old Social Posts?

 Almost every day I think to myself how grateful I am that social media wasn’t a thing when I was in middle school. As far as I know, there’s nobody out there reading my AIM chats from 7th grade. But as we advance further and further into a digital and social world, the social archives of our lives just get deeper and longer. As you develop your brand voice or visual style, much like your actual personality, you will make changes and you might not want that record of the “old you” lingering out there for people to easily discover.  So the question we often hear is “should I delete old social posts?” 

The answer isn’t cut and dry. 

But a good rule of thumb is, no. Leave your older social posts, especially those with high engagement rates, even if they are a little out of style or out of date. 
There’s some evidence that some platforms count all of your old activity data towards your ranking within the algorithm, so you’ll want all of the mileage you can get… even if it means looking at that slightly weird filter or frame or font you don’t use anymore. 

Another way to look at it is as part of the arc of your personal brand story over time. People follow you because they like your story-- they like you!-- so why not leave your story in tact for people to retrace? This might seem sentimental, but it definitely contributes to humanizing your perfected social image and showing your humble beginnings. 

One great option to consider:  Instagram Archiving

It’s interesting how the platforms keep developing right alongside us… Instagram introduced their archiving feature earlier this year. This allows you to remove a post from your profile without losing access to the backend data. Plus you can restore it to its previous spot in your feed. We’ve written about a few other ways we find this feature useful

Ultimately the call is yours, the damage of deleting old posts is probably minimal. But you know how it goes… you get rid of that old sweater thinking you’ll never wear it again and then all of a sudden you go looking for it one day… 

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