Should You Let Brands Dictate Your Captions?

Should You Let Brands Dictate Your Captions?

This doesn’t need to be a long post. The answer is “nope.” 

But we’ll elaborate.
We spend lots of time on our sister site (SEEN) helping marketers understand how to work with influencers the right way. We do this to try and improve the quality of influencer marketing as an industry. But since we’re not always part of every influencer campaign, we also need to help influencers advocate for themselves. So the next time a brand asks you to copy/paste a caption they wrote, tell them no. And here’s why: 

Brands should have done their homework. They should know your style before they select you for a campaign and should be comfortable with the way that you address your audience. They want to tap your ability to reach your specific audience. 

Brands are seeking you out because you are a trusted voice to your audience. If they are manufacturing a voice and providing it to you, that’s a violation of the trust you’ve built. 

Brands should be providing you with ample education. This means they should give you all of the rules for the campaign  (their expectations, their do’s and don’ts, any tags you should include) upfront so that you know exactly what you’re signing on for. If they’ve provided you with all of this, this should eliminate the need for them to dictate captions. 

If brands cannot get comfortable with allowing you to post freely in your own voice, within a set of predetermined brand guidelines, then you should offer to allow them to pre-approve a written caption. That way they’re not scared that you’ll say something scandalous, but they’re also not dictating copy that sounds inauthentic to your feed. 

Bonus: make sure that brands are requiring FTC disclosure from their influencers and make sure you’re requiring it of yourself. Or you could both get into trouble. More info on that here

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