Unicorn Accounts: Hard to Find Influencer Niches

Unicorn Accounts: Hard to Find Influencer Niches

Throughout my time recruiting for influencer campaigns, I’ve encountered a few areas where brands are looking for talent that is very hard to find. 
I like to call these “unicorns.” 
They’re the influencers that every brand marketer wishes they could tap for their campaigns. If you or someone you know fits the bill here… tell them to start up a lifestyle blog and see how quickly they can become rich. And tell us your favorite creators in these spaces! 

All Dads

There are a few superstars in this category, but there just aren’t as many dad accounts in general. The mommies paved the way in the digital space, and they’ve definitely got the leg up. When we go out looking for dad accounts, we end up tapping the same creators multiple times. There are some great fashion and lifestyle accounts that occasionally include photos of kids, but the male accounts that are totally parenting focused are much harder to find. 

“Everyday” Moms

I’m definitely not implying that there is a shortage of mommy creators. We’re well stocked as a society in that area. But here’s the problem. Most of the moms on Instagram have highly-styled images that are very clean and pristine. Sometimes brands are looking for the more “relatable” less aspirational mom accounts. While we’ve had success finding some of these women, they often have much lower followings. 

Men of Color (But Not Too High-Fashion)

This is an interesting one. There are some amazing fashion and highly-curated lifestyle accounts out there featuring men of color. However, it can be harder to find more general lifestyle accounts for men of color. Frequently we will propose an influencer who is either too high-fashion focused, has a killer aesthetic that just isn’t right for the brand, or they’re too fitness/athletic focused. 

Middle-Aged Fashion and Lifestyle

There are a few women, specifically, who are ruling this world when it comes to Instagram. We often have to explain to brands that social in general, and Instagram specifically, is just a platform with a slightly younger audience. Therefore the middle-aged fashionista is a rare find. We’re excited to see how some of the current lifestyle influencers handle the aging process and continue to curate awesome brands for their followers over time. 

Tech Accounts With Great Instagram Photography

This is another tricky spot. While there are tons of tech reviewers and tech-junky accounts out there… the visuals don’t always meet the brands’ hopes and expectations. 

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