Prediction: Brands to Dive Into Experiential

Prediction: Brands to Dive Into Experiential

There’s nothing wrong with a good old fashion product campaign. But when a brand is able to create an incredible experience and an influencer captures it, there’s a different kind of magic there. 
We often advocate for our clients to create events or experiences for influencers to participate in-- instead of just sending a package and asking for a photoshoot. Looks like the rest of the ad world is on board with this as well. Brands have been amping up their experiential plans, agencies have been acquiring experiential practices, and influencer marketing has been adopted as an integral part of any modern marketing strategy. So it only makes sense that brands would start to combine these two practices in meaningful ways. 

The case for experiential is pretty convincing: 
“According to research from IPG-owned Momentum Worldwide, experiential marketing—such as hosting an event versus distributing an ad—gets 82 percent of participants talking about a brand with others, moves 62 percent to research a brand online, changes the way 65 percent view a brand and—perhaps most importantly—inspires 53 percent to go out and buy a brand at retail.” -Lindsay Rittenhouse for AdWeek 

We know that influencers are great at trust building with personal audiences-- Neilson found that 83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over advertising-- and we know that this is where brands struggle. Brands also seem to struggle with storytelling. It is very hard to make a brand feel human and tell compelling stories in a non-salesy way. Experiential helps brands over some of these hurdles, but not all of them. Influencers can help with that last mile. 

A big part of the magic that comes from an experiential partnership with an influencer is the element of spontaneity. As it has grown in ubiquity, influencer marketing has been criticized for feeling inauthentic or staged. But when you’re experiencing something for the first time, in person, and capturing those experiences to share, the authenticity is automatically there-- it doesn’t need to be manufactured. 

Here are some of our favorite experiential events that we’ve helped influencers capture over the years. We predict many more partnerships like this one in 2018. 

We sent fashion-forward, interesting floor tile loving dad Tim Melideo on a road trip cross country to experience the upgraded luxuries of several SpringHill Suites properties. Tim captured some beautiful images and blog posts about the food, art, and sightseeing nearby these awesome hotels. 

Three kickass influencers- Elise Swopes, Lauren Randolph, and Zach Glassman- were selected to attend SXSW on behalf of TAKE5. They got to stay in the TAKE5 house, totally decked out with candy-themed accoutrement and represent the brand at an Instagram Meetup as well as a custom swag exchange experience in the heart of bustling Austin. 

Header photo by Robin Garnier on Unsplash

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