The Balancing Act of Branded Disappearing Posts

The Balancing Act of Branded Disappearing Posts

It seems like it took brands a while to get on board with the disappearing posts trend. Marketers just weren’t super comfortable with Snapchat’s lack of analytics and the idea of content that dissolves after a short amount of time can be a hard sell. But once Instagram stories came around, so did the marketing budgets for disappearing posts. 

You’ve probably had brands ask you for Instagram stories content in your recent deals. We have definitely fielded these requests. But it seems like there is still some confusion about how to best use this content. Here’s how you can help brands understand disappearing posts. 

Avoid Approvals

Content should be spontaneous, not pre-shot and pre-staged. There should be a rawness and realness to the content that is being posted. It shouldn’t feel overly scripted or brand-directed. Your followers can tell the difference. 
Help the brand feel comfortable by offering to describe your post “concept” ahead of time. 

Include Links

Instagram stories provides the swipe to shop option-- this is a major bonus for brands. It is one of the main reasons that brands are interested in Instagram stories and you should use the feature to your advantage. 
This is a great place to let your followers easily get more info about the product if they like it, without having to include a link in your bio that will take away from traffic to your own site or feel stale and irrelevant immediately after you make your next post. It also helps you make a great case for the value of a story vs a post as well as allowing you to provide swipe/click analytics info to the brand after the fact. 

Get Info

The newish Instagram polling feature can be a great way to ask your followers a question on the brand’s behalf. You can then report this informal, but highly relevant, research back to the brand. Ask the brand managers what they’re wondering to help inform your question-- things like “Do you have trouble finding sports bras that fit?” or “Do you like the green pair or the black pair better?” etc. 

What are some ways that you’ve had success working with brands through Instagram stories? 

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