February Letter from the Editor

February Letter from the Editor

Hey, how are you holding up?

It's been a hell of a January. I feel like I'm white-knuckle bracing myself for all the changes going on around me. One thing that isn't changing is our mission here. We believe in influencer marketing and we want to uncover the best ways to execute it and the people who are executing it brilliantly.

For a long time mainstream advertising was made by and for dreamy-looking white people. 
Who are we kidding? It still is. 
Magazines, TV, and billboards mostly show skinny white women “indulging” in whipped yogurt. It’s boring and dated. And it furthermore, it doesn’t really work. 

That’s part of why we find influencer marketing so interesting. We see this as the democratization of advertising. Influencer content is not cookie cutter, it’s not studio produced. It’s people taking products into their own hands and providing their own interpretations. Sometimes this scares the shit out of brands. 
“We get to tell them exactly how to shoot and what to say, right?”
“Ummm, not if you want it to work, you don’t.”

We recognize that there is still a long way to go. But we love the idea that everyone has an equal shot on social media. If you show up and tell a true story (or even a riveting fake one), people will take notice. Your tribe will find you and they’ll follow you fiercely. And the thing is, brands want to be where the tribes are. So if you’re an influential content creator, it doesn’t really matter what shape, size, or color you are… brands want to engage with creators who are real, who have sway over their audiences. And that’s not always going to look like the ladies on billboards. 

We know that it’s not all rosy online. Fake news is rampant. Trolls are still a thing. Devisiveness is at an all time high… We choose to focus on a much bigger picture. We want inclusiveness. We like what Pat Benatar had to say: 
Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together

So this month we’re celebrating diversity in this digital, social world.  
That theme will take some twists and turns (hint: it’s not just about race or gender). And we’re not sure where it will lead, but we want you to come with us. We are imperfect people exploring a topic that thrills and excites us. 
Do you care about this? 
Where do you see diversity in the social world? 
Where do you notice it lacking? 
Who are your favorite diverse content creators? Can we celebrate them with you?
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Thank you for reading my words,

Creative Community Director at Snapfluence. 

There is often a pen stuck in my hair.