Lucas Sigurdson's "10 Square Miles"

Lucas Sigurdson's "10 Square Miles"

We're thrilled to share Lucas Sigurdson's 10 Square Miles project. You can learn more about his work on his website and be sure to follow him on Instagram (@oldmansiggy) for more incredible photos. 

10 Square Miles Artist's Statement:

If you're anything like me, you've lived in the same house your whole life. You're used to the same neighbors, the same roads, and the same traffic lights. Over time, everything becomes ordinary. However, I’ve recently discovered a deep appreciation for where I come from – the place I call home. Home is more than just a word; it’s a thought or a feeling. It conveys a sense of comfort and belonging, and that’s something we should never take for granted.

I drive by the same cornfields and pole barns each day, but they still have a strong resonance for me beyond their aesthetic. My color photographs of the vast fields, barns, and subtle details around me represent a psychological search. Through this project, I am exploring the delicacy of the landscape and all that it means to those who inhabit it. 10 Square Miles refers to the physical space around my house in suburban Genoa, Ohio. Digging into the roots of the only life I’ve known over the last 22 years, it feels as if I’m opening my eyes for the first time.


Creative Community Director at Snapfluence. 

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