Hashtag Activism: 7 Important Online Dialogues

Hashtag Activism: 7 Important Online Dialogues

According to Techopedia, hashtag activism is “the act of fighting for or supporting a cause that people are advocating through social media.” 

Critics liken hashtag activism to vanity activism, in which self-centered social media posts take the place of real action. However, many hashtag activism campaigns have quickly and effectively raised awareness around issues that otherwise would not receive due attention. Activists also point out that social media has facilitated more democratized organizing processes and built community. 

Here are 7 Hashtag Activism Campaigns from recent years that have made waves on social media. 


Inspired by Beyonce's song "Formation," @mikey_talks started #blackgayslay earlier this year in an effort to highlight black queer people.



On #yesallwomen, people share stories and experiences of misogyny and violence against women.



In 2016, the re-routing of the Dakota Access Pipeline through Native American land sparked a series of hashtags including #standwithstandingrock that people across the country and world are using to show solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.



#thisisplus is used as call to brands to celebrate a more diverse array of plus size bodies, not just those that fit industry standards. 

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Potentially one of the largest social media activist hashtags in history, #blacklivesmatter is a rallying cry to end institutional racism and recognize the humanity of black lives. 



Hollywood's whitewashing tendencies are undeniable-- so leading up to the 2016 Academy Awards #oscarssowhite took off as a place for pointing out the lack of diversity in the Oscars nominee lists, as well as the greater industry.



As soon as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, #lovewins took off as a trending topic across several social media platforms, and is still used today as a celebration of queer love. 

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