Body Positive: Must-Follow List

Body Positive: Must-Follow List

@_____halle__ (whose awesome interview is on the blog here) recommended her must-follow #BoPo accounts. Check out these fearless women sharing inspiration and realness with their audiences. 


The very first account I found was Megan Crabbe. I was in treatment for my eating disorder and still following "fitspo" and "healthy/pro-diet" accounts (I recommend unfollowing these types of accounts).  I had never seen images of a body like hers on social media and seeing her so confident and proud of natural body made me realize that I could do the same.



The second account I found is Kenzie Brenna. We are now great friends!  THIS WOMAN IS EVERYTHING. She is the most real person I have found on any social media, she holds nothing back and has given me the confidence to be more vulnerable. I am inspired by her everyday.

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A post shared by Kenzie Brenna (@omgkenzieee) on

Other close friends are:


Self love and mental health activist. She also suffers from endometriosis and is working to change people's understanding of what it means to live with that debilitating pain. 


Eating Disorder recovery and body positivity advocate. Artist, feminist, lover of unicorns. 


(note: her handle is not associated with the pro-life/pro-choice debate) Danni is a self-described "Fat Body Positive Warrior" recovering from an eating disorder. Her photos are fun and encouraging, plus she has a delightful accent!  


ED recovery, Body Positive, created the #embracethesquish tag 


Yep, like that Mic, "because πŸ–•πŸ½πŸ–•πŸ½πŸ–•πŸ½ your beauty standards."

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A post shared by The Strut (@thestrutbymic) on


Body positive trauma survivor who frequently posts funny memes and encouragement. 

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A post shared by Cheyenne (@goofy_ginger) on


"body positive activist, clinical social worker, eating disorder and trauma therapist, yoga teacher for every(body)". 


eating disorder survivor and feminist activist who hosts empowering events. 


Self love advocate and swimsuit lover.

Creative Community Director at Snapfluence. 

There is often a pen stuck in my hair.