March Letter from the Editor

March Letter from the Editor

Hey, How often do you look backwards?

Every once-in-while? Every #TBT? 

Supposedly this is the most nostalgic generation ever. 

The resurgent market for vinyl is growing even though every song you can imagine is available on Spotify. Netflix is scrambling to revive shows from my childhood (some better than others...ugh, Fuller House). Instagram lets you take a perfectly modern photo and gloss it with a rosy, old-world sheen. People keep sharing Facebook photos of me from 9 years ago. Jesus, now we’re looking back on things that happened on social media?

Are we just recoiling against the speed of progress? I mean, the pace of technological advancement over the past 30 years is unrivaled in human history. How could we ever hope to cope with this emotionally or psychologically? Sometimes I almost think I can feel things racing ahead of me, like G forces on a roller coaster, and I’m a young woman in a social/tech field. I’m supposed to be up on this shit.

As your life unfolds you can reflect on it in small waves and then sometimes in bigger more quaking ones. But really the passing of time is not so much a sensory experience. It’s more of a going to happen and then a wow it’s over… 

Maybe it just feels good to look backwards? All those knowns are comforting, especially in the atmosphere of uncertainty that surrounds us. 
Whatever the reason, it does feel good to look back. So why fight it? 
This month we’re flashing back, throwing back… we’re celebrating nostalgia. 

Here’s what I miss:

  • The giant cork board that covered a whole wall in my childhood bedroom
  • Netty’s ice cream cones with twinkle coat on the car ride home from school
  • Riding my bike to Dan’s house to jump in the pool and swim until it was time to watch the Simpson’s at 5p
  • Euphoric laughter with grade school girl friends
  • Getting so excited for the class trip to Cedar Point that I couldn’t fall asleep
  • The feeling of liking a boy in middle school (still remains unrivaled by intoxicants)

I guess it all boils down to wonder, to endless possibility and optimism, eh? 


Let’s throw it back to a simpler time.

Creative Community Director at Snapfluence. 

There is often a pen stuck in my hair.