SXSW Panels Flexing Influence

SXSW Panels Flexing Influence

Check out these influencer-led or influencer-focused events taking place at the pop culture mecca over the next week.  

Enthusiasm vs. Influence: The Power of Community

This panel will highlight “everyday enthusiasts that are making an impact on their communities. These microinfluencers are not to be underestimated. Their passion, power of persuasion, and pure energy when rallied around a cause or community can be as inspiring as any single influencer. Join us for a behind-the-scenes conversation with e.l.f Cosmetics on its strategy to involve and empower a spectrum of online voices to help inform the brand’s innovation and ultimate success.”  Featuring Giana Lauren  and Ashley Vera

The Entrepreneur and Side Hustler Meetup

You can have all the beautiful branding and content in the world, but if you don’t have any clients... none of that matters. This meetup focuses on freelance creative customer acquisition and networking. With the help of industry pros, you can learn to “focus on not only the front end marketing, but also the backend systems and services available to keep you thriving.”

Snapchat for Business: Working With Influencers

This session will help brands understand the value of working with influencers on Snapchat… de facto, it will help influencers understand more about working with brands too. “Learn from some of the top Snapchat influencers and creators who have worked on campaigns with notable brands such as: ESPN, MTV, Samsung, Disney, Zillow and FOX.” 
Featuring Snapchat wizards Danny Berk nd Shaun Ayala.

Social Media Real-volution: What's After Perfect

How damaging is social media’s perpetuation of perfection? This panel will dig into the “real-ification” of social media. “Focusing on the significant effects this picture perfect idealism is having on youth today, this panel will take an in-depth look at how content creators can -- and must -- empower their social media audience to embrace an authentic vision of themselves. At the core of this discussion, is a review of how authentic life can be fascinating on social media and how it can benefit brands to shift the lens.” 
Featuring former model turned blogger and body-positive proponent Charli Howard.

Creators in Social Media: Enhancing Your Content

“As the media marketplace becomes more fragmented and the popularity of content consumption through social media is on the rise, it becomes more important than ever for content creators to use the latest tools that are versatile, affordable and produce high quality pictures and video. This session explores the impact of technology on enhancing videos for social media, increasing followers and conquering the unique challenges of being a one-person team.” Featuring Devin Graham

Every Body Yoga: Yoga for Every Body 

Jessamyn Stanley-- better known as @mynameisjessamyn-- will take the SXSW stage to share “personal stories and inspiration for transcending emotional and physical barriers, staying motivated, finding body acceptance, and challenging the meaning of beauty. Taken all together, her inspiring, accessible, emotionally uplifting approach reveals that yoga isn’t about how one looks, but how one feels.”

Selling Out: Anti-Oppressive Queer Style Marketing

“Queer visibility in mainstream fashion is often presented on platforms that cause harm to the queer community, such as those that erase diverse identities or support anti-LGBTQ legislation. Mainstream fashion has been increasingly leveraging the digital networks of out LGBTQ fashion entrepreneurs to reach queer markets. Should queer style entrepreneurs lend their talents to mainstream platforms to change the industry from within?” Featuring Sara Geffard of A Dapper Chick.


 Trolls: To Feed Or Not To Feed

What do trolls think when brands talk back? This is a panel of brand social media managers who will talk about how to handle trolls and examine why trolling starts in the first place. 

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