Detroit, an UrbEx Photo Essay by Joshua Kallio

Detroit, an UrbEx Photo Essay by Joshua Kallio

Detroit is a small big city that seems to foster a love-hate relationship with its residents and those who come to work or play in it. In the past it had seen decades filled with progress and innovation but many more filled with mistakes and missteps. From a distance it is hard to see all of this and the city can look very beautiful.

When you look closer though, and examine its cracks and crevices, you will see a city so stunted in growth that almost looks frozen in time. All of its tallest buildings were built in the previous century and of those buildings, more than half are from the 1920's or before.

Connecting to the past, this 38 story building from the 1920’s stands tall but abandoned. It has recently been bought, with hopes of bringing it back to life.


This building from the 70's—which reminds of me the movie Tron—stands tall on the riverfront, filling out what could have been an empty skyline if it were not for some of Detroit’s occasional progress.

As you venture away from downtown you start to see what has been left behind in the decades of despair, and almost forgotten in the recent revitalization.

The factories that closed.

The schools that followed.


And the losing of faith.

So my friends and I explore this desolation in search of its secrets.

Finding places forgotten but not gone. Bringing them new life in art.

Inspiring us to create.

So I explore to discover the art hidden and trapped in time in the city's decay, but have also come to find the art hidden within me.


Big thank you to Joshua Kallio for this photo essay. Follow him on Instagram @kallyone and shop his prints here.

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