4 Brands That Prove the Power of Nostalgia in Marketing

4 Brands That Prove the Power of Nostalgia in Marketing

There’s just something about nostalgia. In recent months and years we’ve witnessed the wild success of product revivals (chokers), video game reinventions (Pokémon GO), and a healthy dose of 80s inspired television (Stranger Things). 

These blasts from the past evoke real emotional responses, which can be a phenomenal tool for brand marketing when implemented intelligently. People are more likely to act on something when they feel emotionally involved. In fact, there’s even a study that suggests that people spend more money when they’re feeling nostalgic. It’s no wonder that brands are utilizing nostalgia marketing to strike a chord with their millennial audiences.

Here are 4 brilliant nostalgia-driven ad campaigns that will tug at your sentimental heartstrings.

Bob Ross x Adobe

Bob Ross fans around the world rejoiced when their beloved’s show “The Joy of Painting” resurfaced on YouTube in recent years. Soon, there was a growing buzz around Ross’s mesmerizing programs. Adobe took note of the growing excitement around Ross’s painting tutorials, and made a play on the throwback hit. Working closely with Bob Ross, Inc., Adobe introduced a YouTube spoof tribute series titled “The Joy of Sketching” in which a Bob Ross lookalike demoed Photoshop Sketch. 

SunnyD Self Parody

If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll probably remember those Sunny Delight commercials in which the group of mischievous kids run home for a snack and open the fridge to find some ice cold SunnyD. In a brilliant act of self-parody, SunnyD recreated that classic commercial in 2015 with the same group of rollerblading rascals, all grown up.

Apple x Sesame Street

After migrating from PBS to HBO, Sesame Street is still alive and well with 47 seasons and counting. But given its lengthy history and iconic identity, Sesame Street strikes a chord across generations. Apple tapped into Sesame Street’s nostalgic brand influence and recruited the Cookie Monster for an adorable iPhone 6s ad. And don’t miss the “outtakes” video too. 

Spotify x NeverEnding Story

Spotify has done wonders for keeping vintage music alive. In a brilliant throwback promo for 80s soundtracks, Spotify enlisted the original actors from The NeverEnding Story, all grown up, to recreate this famed fantasy scene. Whether you loved, hated, or felt creeped out by the original movie, this ad is sure to make you feel something. 

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