April Letter from the Editor

April Letter from the Editor


How are you? Happy Spring, finally. 

I've been thinking about how some things are universal... the way math rises above the barriers of language. This is how I feel about humor. Nothing brings people together faster than a good laugh. There’s lots of research about the benefits of laughter, like its ability to reduce stress, release endorphins, lower blood pressure... or how it’s like a little Zumba session for your heart

I’m 75% Irish, so laughter holds a religious level of importance in my family. Something about coming from that gloomy little island just makes us appreciate when things are really good-- also we are on point with self-deprecation and storytelling skills. Both are key to a good knee-slapper.

Laughter is unifying and healing. It’s comforting. 
And often the people who make us laugh are sacrificing more than is readily apparent.

If Robin Williams taught us nothing else, it is that laughter can pull you through some dark shit. And that being the comedian isn’t always being on the fun side of the equation. This month we celebrate some of those people who do the hard work to make us laugh. It’s not all fun and games.

Think about the last time you laughed until your sides hurt.  Wasn’t it thrilling?  


Here’s what makes me laugh:

  • Bob’s Burgers, specifically my spirit animal Linda Belcher
  • My mother’s unrepentant use of hyperbole
  • The story of my aunt mopping the entire floor of a Wendy’s with the grease bucket instead of the mop water
  • My “Siblings Unite” group text replete with super unflattering selfies
  • The songs my husband makes up for the dog 

Here’s to the fools,  

Creative Community Director at Snapfluence. 

There is often a pen stuck in my hair.