Jessica Love: "Why I Shoot Film"

Jessica Love: "Why I Shoot Film"

In the digital age, we're always curious to hear about why photographers choose to shoot film photography. Because they yearn for simpler times? Because they hate post processing? Because they love the colors, tones, and grain? 

Photographer Jessica Love picked up film less than a year ago and hasn't put it down since. She still shoots digital, but she loves how film forces her to slow down and be more present to each and every snap she takes. We sat down to ask her a few questions about her newfound love of film and to dive a bit deeper on why film

What is it about the aesthetic of film photographs that makes you want to shoot them?

What got me about film? At first (and most the most overwhelming example of it) I saw this pastel-ey toned, soft, lovely photos by famous film photographers. As I started getting more into looking at film photos, I started seeing shooters who were able to shoot in their own way - more moody, more rich and vivid. I loved the vast range of what film could offer - both in film stock (Portra 400, Fuji 400H, Ektar 100, etc) and the way to shoot and expose it. 

Film photography seems to be experiencing somewhat of a resurgence, from disposable cameras and polaroids on the amateur level to more sophisticated film cameras on the professional level. Why do you think interest is surging now?

I have to say that Instagram has had a huge impact on me wanting to shoot film. It's so easy to get lost in hashtags, searching from one photographer to the next. I think because it's so readily shared on social media, it interests people, like, "hey! I wonder if I can do that!?"

Are there certain subjects you like to shoot more on film than digital now?

I spent all summer shooting our family photos, everyday life, in film. The reason was largely because of the post production work. I have hard drives filled with unedited RAW (digital) images of my children - and I can easily go back and edit them...but will I? Film, while not IMMEDIATE, came back to me finished. From June to December, I already have an album in hand, of all our memories. And, above all, images deserved to be printed!

What resources do you suggest for people interested in learning film photography?

I took a class by awesome photographers Joyce Kang and Heather Chang - Embrace the Grain. We went through basic info of film stock, exposing for certain situations, through assignments - with really great feedback - to help hone your skills! 


Big thanks to Jessica for her insights! Follow Jessica on Instagram @_jessicalovephotography and find her blog and website here.

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