8 Twitter Accounts That Make Us LOL

8 Twitter Accounts That Make Us LOL

Follow these 8 accounts to inject some much needed humor into your Twitter feed.


Ken Jennings holds the record for longest winning streak on Jeopardy! after winning 74 consecutive games in 2004. Turns out, he’s not just smart, but funny too. Wit abounds in Ken’s feed-- no dumb jokes here. 



@manwhohasitall flips the constant stream of advice fed to women on the internet toward a male audience… the results are both hilarious and kinda shocking. This account points out that female directed editorial content that seems silly or inane, might actually have a sexist slant. 



Aparna is a stand up comedian, as featured on Late Night with Seth Meyers and Inside Amy Schumer. She has a knack for making mundane things hilarious. 



Chuuch jokes a lot about dying and the meaning(lessness) of life. So if you enjoy dark humor that makes your laugh and then perhaps sob, chuuch is your man. 



Russian American comedian Bob Vulfov has refined the art of comedy during his time at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC (alums include Aziz Ansari, Amy Poehler, and Donald Glover). His fictional dialogues are his best work. 



We often wonder what the real life Tony Stark spends his days thinking about. While we doubt that Elon Musk ever has time to be bored, this parody account offers some hilarious inventions and musings that might rattle through his genius brain. (Plus some are just really good ideas.) 



Charlene addresses the topics that many others shy away from, but approaches them through the lens of humor. As a recovering sex and love addict, Charlene turns her pain into self deprecating comedy, and frankly, commiserating with her can be fun.



This Parks and Rec actor and Upright Citizens Brigade alum is like your dorky friend who just says exactly what he is thinking and most of the time the result is hilarious. Often he calls us all out on our ridiculous behavior, such as our Netflix usage and how our short attention spans hinder our writing capacity. But he makes it funny.  

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