Before It's All Gone

We're thrilled to share Lucas Sigurdson's collection Before It's All Gone

Our daily lives are filled with questions we don’t have the answers to. It is human nature to feel bothered, concerned, uncomfortable or confused. We all know that moment in which we can feel uncertainty flowing through our veins. We wonder how long it will last, only hoping the feeling is temporary.

I am interested in the tableau. Considering myself a storyteller of the moment, it has played a major role in helping me discover who I am as an artist. Depicting narratives using still images, I’ve really felt myself maturing as a photographer. Along with the tableau, I am fascinated by the American Midwestern vernacular. The farm home of the Midwest region has seen a decline in the wake of urban growth, agribusiness and freeways. In an ever-evolving world, it is becoming more and more obsolete with technologies advancing in ways we’ve never seen before. Its culture, along with the role it has played in the development of American architecture, is fading. The old flower vase still sits beside the couch and the chair is still in the bedroom. The old wedding photo may never be taken down and the wallpaper will never change. What do these things mean anymore? They represent a longing for what was, or maybe a grasp for what’s always been.

Using the farm home as a way to create, and give substance to, my visual narratives, I want to celebrate and recognize its historical importance before it’s all gone.

Overwhelming thanks to Lucas Sigurdson. Follow his awesome work at @oldmansiggy.

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