10 Hysterical Vine Videos

10 Hysterical Vine Videos

Vine may be dead, but its legacy lives on in the form of pop culture references like “Daaaamn Daniel!” Or if you ever hear someone say “on fleek” you can thank Vine creator Peaches Monroee for coining the phrase. As a little #tbt we’re highlighting some of our favorite hilarious vines from over the years. 

1. Ross Smith, "Granny making BUCKETS!!"

Because us competitive folk don't go easy on nobody.


2. Jay Versace, "WHO ELSE"

Because lip syncing is dang hilarious when you're making a silly face and singing a stupid song. 


3. Liza Koshy, "Embrace yo inner butterfly no matter what you look like."

Because sometimes the ideas you have in the bathroom are so random and weird that they're hysterical. 


4. Meghan Bouvet, "There are 3 types of people at bars..." 

Because there are a number of similarities between toddler behavior and drunk adult behavior. 


5. Ben Phillips, "Water Bedlam (Sorry Elliot Giles)"

Because anything Parent Trap inspired is golden in our books.


6. "The true definition of growing up with siblings"

Because if you have siblings, this is real like and you know it.


7. VegasCuh, "RKO"

Because dubbing a cat fight with WWE commentary is darn hilarious.


8. CaLLamvr, "NaeNae to anything" 

Because this gets me every. single. time.


9. Ryan Dwinnells, "oh no"

Because we all know a parent who does this shit to their kids just for laughs.


10. Pigeons & Planes, "Work work work pork work"

Because putting animal videos to dance music is always simultaneously humorous and adorable.

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