5 Hilarious YouTube Channels To Subscribe To

5 Hilarious YouTube Channels To Subscribe To

From humorously wacky cooking tutorials to an endless supply of witty puns, at least one of these channels is sure to make you laugh. 

1. You Suck At Cooking

This is not your normal cooking show. The faceless narrator films from first person perspective as he demonstrates ridiculous dadaist chopping and recipe tutorials. 

2. How to DAD

This dude offers a new silly How-To every week relevant to being a dad -- how to hold a baby, how to get a baby to clean the house, how to tell a kid where babies come from. He wears the same outfit in every video which is a weirdly wonderful detail. 

3. Liza Koshy

Liza is a big big YouTuber, but we had to include her on this list. She does some artful character work, but her puns are the best (skip to 2:21 in the IKEA video, and the grocery shopping video is full of them).

4. Number Six With Cheese

If you're ever looking for a fast food review, Sean and Corey are your dudes. They're so goofy that it's hard not to giggle at their would-be mundane conversations about greasy food. 

5. Tanya Hennessy

Tanya's "Everyday make up tutorial" is a brilliant jab at the ridiculously labor intensive makeup tutorials you'll find on the internet these days. Her humor is so real and relatable, she makes it easy to laugh at things you know you do yourself. 

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