May Letter from the Editor

May Letter from the Editor

It is May and this is a love letter. A love letter to mothers. 

Not just to my mother, or proverbial mothers, but to the intrepid, enterprising and downright ballsy mothers who kicked off this whole industry. 
The concept of online influence was born from the brains of mommy bloggers. One of the earliest mommy blogs went live 15 years ago, in 2002. For reference, that’s when we were “getting the party started” with Pink, snorting with laughter at Goldmember: the Autstin Powers sequel, coveting velveteen track suits, and wondering who would win season 1 of American Idol…

Look how far we've come. Now anyone who can take a selfie can promote a crappy product. 

The “mommy blogger” phenomenon, though it may be waning and morphing and channel-shifting, remains strong at its core. Mommy bloggers embody the real ideals of influence marketing: authenticity and authority. People trust moms. There is no other job on earth more terrifying than becoming a parent and there is no learning curve quite so steep on day one. We need moms to tell us how they do things and the internet has totally changed the way that people can access that wisdom. 

There is an unfortunate tendency to dis the “mommy blogger.” But I argue, what topic is more worthy of reflection than the most important job on earth? Namely, raising humans with morals and skills who don’t suck and won’t turn the country into a cesspool 20 years from now. 
And then sometimes you need to know which friggin bathroom spray really gets rid of soap scum. 
We just need moms. 
Moms give life to things. They solve problems. They keep shit together.

Here’s some things I love about MY mama:

  • How she tells people she is 5 feet tall instead of the true 4 feet 11 inches
  • The astounding resilience she packs into a tiny frame
  • The fact that I cannot remember even one day when she was impatient, curt, or visibly annoyed with me. Never. In almost 30 years. 
  • How much she loves potato chips
  • How, when asked what I do for a living, she says “Well, I don’t know exactly, but I know you’re in charge.” 

This month we’re celebrating the ladies who kicked off this whole party. 

Cheers to the one that brung ya, 

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Creative Community Director at Snapfluence. 

There is often a pen stuck in my hair.