Natasha Martin on Social Humans

Natasha Martin Talks About her Colorful World

On today's episode our guest is Natasha Martin of @violettinder. Natasha shares with us the evolution of her art, her transition into full-time creator, and the vision she sees for the future of content creation.

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Check out some of Natasha's photos below. 

About Social Humans:

Social Humans is the podcast that takes you behind the scenes with your favorite social media creators to tell you where they came from, how they got here, and where they’re headed next.  In season one, we pick the brains of 8 industry-leading social creators across diverse audiences and interests to learn about the unseen challenges and obstacles of life as an influencer. From their first art project as a young child to 5-figure deals with global brands, from the incredible joys of creating art for a living to the stress, fear, and tears of social pressure… Nothing is off-limits. Come join us as we peak behind the curtain of the social media machine.  


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