Must Know Mompreneur Tips

Must Know Mompreneur Tips

Being a mom and a creative professional is tough work. We can’t quite relate though (Ami’s got a pup and I’ve got a kitten-- not quite the same thing as raising a human baby), so we called upon some ladies who could share their insights to momming and bossing at the same time. Here’s how they get it all done while maintaining a healthy mindset around their work. 


Amanda Mason, Graphic Designer

“I juggle motherhood and running my graphic design career by working during the heavenly hours of naps and bedtime! That is when I crank out the most work and have the most focus. My son thankfully isn't on the move yet, so I am able to do small edits while he's in the jumper or even on the floor. I like to focus when starting a project or if it has a lot of little details, so ideally nap time is the best time to get that all in. Along with laundry, dishes, and whatever else needs done for the day!”  

Sarah-Danae Smalley, Photographer 


“This year, my first as a mother and also a business owner has been the most riveting and purposeful of my entire 21.5 years of existence. I have proven to myself my stamina over and over again, but for great rewards! I would definitely say balancing the mother and business woman within me has been a great honor, but also a great learning experience in which I have gained a few tips. 

The biggest of these newfound nuggets of truth is this: ‘Identity is everything!’ I have found myself on the mountain top and also in the valley over this past year. Still at the end of business hours though, I am a mother… and a good one at that! I must shut off my business mind, and tend to my child’s needs. I must do this without allowing the day’s work to influence my identity. This can be a little tricky, considering my office is only twenty steps from my child’s room. It’s a cycle of bouncing back and forth through my working day- editing, bottle, editing, play time, editing, nap, editing, snack time. Mine and my little love’s routines somehow reduced to one crazy and long routine. 

It’s an oftentimes overlooked profession, to be a mother; but if we can look at this job title to be the biggest honor and greatest duty we’ve been given in this life-- to guide our little ones into adulthood-- then we have won. None of us as mothers want our children to feel their identity is tied up in what they do or the job they have, so we must strive to detach our core beliefs about ourselves with what our profession is. I am a talented and creative photographer! This statement pales in comparison to me being a good and loving mama! At the end of the day, I want to be a good and loving mama whose focus is on knowing my identity and raising people who know theirs as well! This allows me to give more of myself to being the best photographer I can possibly be, because what I do doesn’t determine who I am.” 


Photo Credit: Unsplash

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