On Starting a Creative Business With Your Significant Other

On Starting a Creative Business With Your Significant Other

Moms are pretty badass-- we're in awe of how much the moms we've spotlighted this month have accomplished, both as mothers and lady bosses. But sometimes, finding your partner-in-crime is key. Cassie Upton of Philip Marie blog & shop shares the risks and benefits of starting a business with your significant other. 

Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely journey. Many people partner with a friend or acquaintance to share the burden while others think it is too risky and prefer to stay in control. I understand the pros and cons of both. Running a business is very difficult and complex, so it is comforting to share the burden with someone else. I have seen partnerships become very successful, but it is definitely the exception to the rule. Running a creative business with a friend, or even a stranger can get really tricky when you run into differences, you have to really understand each other and that takes a lot of time and effort. Starting a business on your own is usually the safest path, but it’s a hard one. I truly believe we were not designed to do anything in this life alone. Maybe this is why nearly a third of all businesses today are run by a husband and wife team and those numbers are growing. It just seems like such a natural path to take, partnering with your partner.

My husband, PJ, and I started a creative business together at the beginning of this year and it just fits in so well with our lifestyle. Running a business with your spouse is amazing; you have already put time and effort into how you relate to one another so you can really focus on the business. Working together means that we can talk about where we want to go and how we want to get there, all while making dinner. We can move quicker through decisions because we already know how to communicate giving us an edge in our field. No, its not all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes we get in to arguments but that’s OK because it gives us another opportunity to grow together and become more deeply engaged. 

Here are the reasons PJ and I love running a creative business together:

1. We love spending time with each other. Call us crazy, but we actually love each other and love spending time together. When we were both in the typical 9-5 we felt like we didn’t have a whole lot of time to spend together. We both tend to throw ourselves 100% into our work and end up spending more than 40 hours a week at our jobs. We also both love doing projects and having a little time to ourselves, throw kids into the mix and we feel like the time we are actually spending together just isn’t enough. While working on a creative business together may not necessarily be quality time, it does add a level of communication and collaboration that we feel adds intimacy to our life together. We will take all the time we can get. 

2. We push each other. One of my favorite things about working with my husband is that we push each other more than we would any other business partner or friend. We have developed such a deep level of trust with each other so we can get down into those messy places and have those hard conversations.  We can call out things in each other that are holding us back. This often happens during typical fights or long conversations late into the night, but we know it always comes from a place of love, which I believe inspires true growth.  

3. We love freedom. Our family is really big on freedom, but not in the way most people describe it. Our goal is to live a life of freedom. We want the freedom to follow the creative impulses of our soul. We want freedom to travel and serve across the world without worrying about how much paid leave we have left. We want freedom to give to people in need without worrying if we can also make the rent that month. We want freedom to meet new people, explore new places, and build new relationships WHENEVER the opportunity arises. It’s not about absence of responsibility or caving to every desire you may have. We actually think freedom requires more responsibility and determination. It requires intentionality and focus and at times you have to fight really hard for it. Freedom isn’t free.

4. We love being close to our baby. We love having even a little bit of extra time to spend with our baby during the day. It is a hard balance working at home, sometimes it feels less productive, but it’s so amazing to just be close by and have the opportunity be more involved with our little girl day to day. We hear a lot about moms that want to work from home, but I think there are a lot of dads that have the same desires. PJ is currently still in his 9-5 job, but he is so excited to be able leave soon and work from home full time.  

5. We are perfect partners. It’s as simple as that. It’s why we got married. We bring out the absolute best in each other, PJ picks up the pieces when I fail and I keep him going when he wants to give up. We know each other so well inside and out and that is the absolute best thing about working with your spouse. It’s different, it’s messy and it’s perfectly imperfect. It comes back to that deep level of trust. We can fight and have difficult conversations because we know it is for the best and we will get through it. We love each other and we love creating a life together that mixes every different box into one. 


Big thank you to Cassie for this piece. Find her at www.thephilipmarie.com.

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