19 Adventure Travel Creators to Follow on Instagram

19 Adventure Travel Creators to Follow on Instagram

It's summertime, and you know what that means.... Outdoor adventures! Here are 19 incredible creators to inspire your wilderness wanderlust.


1. @monkyseemonkydo

Ghida Arnaout covers her outdoor travel adventures to the less often highlighted destinations like her home country, Lebanon, and others like Georgia (the country) and Nepal. 

2. @tomklockerphoto

Former professional snowboarder and adventure photographer, Tom Klocker, has an incredible eye for rays of sunlight. 

Summer vibes ... who else is looking forward to some great summer times??

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4. @vancitywild

Brie and Reuben are local to, you guessed it, Vancouver, Canada. They unveil the endless beauty and wilderness that Vancouver has to offer. 


5. @vagabondhearts

Andrea is a self-proclaimed "wandress" who is "married to the mountains"-- her mountain adventures all around the globe are enviously beautiful.

6. @zackkcore

In addition to quintessential outdoor adventure themed photos, Zack captures the most cozy and quaint images of the cutest A-frame cabins. 

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.

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9. @nicolehunziker

Switzerland based photographer Nicole takes the most stunning photos of snow capped mountains, across Europe and beyond.

I can't wait for a few days off #workisdone 💙

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10. @fpenta

Federico's photos are dreamy-- the landscapes are so perfect they almost look like CGI. 

Mornings in Tuscany are something beyond real. You feel like being into a giant painting.

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13. @carolinegleich

Ski mountaineer and environmental activist Caroline Gleich shares some incredible snapshots of her mountaintop adventures. 

14. @tiffpenguin

Dentist by day, adventurer by night and on weekends, Tiffany Nguyen documents some pretty rad destinations-- and she's proof that you can have a day job and still make time for adventures!

brb, trying to find a way to teleport back here 🤔

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16. @davie8thebaby

David's candy colored edits make us wish purple mountains and orange clouds were real.

Ultra Violet

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19. @alohacrabs

While Vincent is more of a general travel creator, his outdoor adventure photos are gorgeously moody. 


Photo credit: Unsplash

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