August Letter From the Editor

August Letter From the Editor

Hi, are you melting yet?

This midwest August heat has us dreaming of breezy beaches, gusty mountain tops, any place with a little wind really. 
But staying inside in the AC does mean more writing time. So we’re going to make the best of it and introduce this month’s theme. 

Sarah and I were invited to speak at a conference for artists and designers over the weekend-- Making Midwest Fest. It was an awesome collection of people who are making their home turf as cool as it can possibly be. When we were approached by the organizers, we absolutely loved their overarching theme: Creative collisions. So we’re gonna steal it. 

This month we’re talking about the places where two seemingly unrelated things collide and the fascinating results it can produce. 
Juxtaposition can challenge you to look at the world a little differently. It can shift your entire frame of reference. Have you ever learned that two historical things were happening simultaneously and it blew your mind? (Like how there were still a few wooly mammoths alive when the pyramids were being built. It’s true! Google it.)  

We think that kind of mental shake up is valuable. And we're not alone. Later this month thousands of people will gather around the US to watch eternal opposites sun and moon overlap in a total solar eclipse. That's the spirit. 

Here are a few of my favorite collisions:

Cheers to weird things that fit together just so,


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