Marketing Lessons from Mom

Marketing Lessons from Mom

Turns out moms know a thing or two about social media and marketing, they just don't know that they do! A lot of mom's best advice can apply to your social media strategies. Here are some classic lessons from mom, decoded. 

“Stand up straight.”

Your body language and the way you show up in the world matters. We’re primed to read people’s emotions and intentions through their body language. Ideally, your body language will convey confidence (not arrogance), and seem natural (not forced). And sometimes we think we’re presenting ourselves well (i.e. we feel confident and believe we’re standing up straight), when in reality we’re hunched over with our arms crossed. Luckily our moms are there to remind us to stand up straight. 

Lesson learned: While we can’t read body language through a smartphone, we gather cues through imagery, language, and tone. So be sure to present yourself authentically and as you truly feel. You have to be extra mindful on social media that your intentions and authentic self are portrayed accurately.

“Send me some photos!”

Everyone loves photos. Calling your mom to talk is great, but if she’s anything like my mom, nothing makes her happier than receiving photos of you. 

Lesson learned: Words are great, but images are better. Visual content will generally perform better and inspire more emotional responses. 

“Remember where you came from.”

You’re going to grow up and experience the world and create your own home, but it’s important that you remember where you came from (literally, your mom, and figuratively, your home and upbringing). Your family, by birth or by choice, is your OG support system and they will always be there for you, and in turn you should always be there for them.

Lesson learned: Remember your original customers and loyal fans & followers. If you grow a large following, take note of your early supporters and give them some special recognition. Maybe you create a special product that’s only made available to the “founders crew” of followers. Or maybe you just give them some extra love on their own content. Whatever you do, be sure to appreciate those who enabled you to get to where you are today. 

“Honesty is the best policy.”

Everyone’s mom gave some sort of variation of this advice: always tell the truth. Whether it’s about sneaking extra dessert or sneaking out of the house, it’s better to be honest from the beginning than to get caught for lying later. If you’re caught lying, trust is compromised. 

Lesson learned: Everything depends on trust, especially marketing. Be transparent with your audience, be true to yourself, and always disclose brand partnerships. These days, people can spot fakes and you will get dragged for being dishonest, right out in the open on social media. So take it from mom, honesty is the best policy. 


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