Snapchat Is Not Dead

Some believe that Instagram is on track to put Snapchat out of business. But Snapchat is not dead.

The truth is that Snapchat still maintains a differentiated purpose and user base from Instagram. While Snapchat influencers may have largely migrated to Instagram, a large chunk of Snapchat users can exclusively be reached on Snapchat. 

According to an app data firm, on an average day, 35% of Snapchat’s users can’t be found on Facebook, 46% can’t be found on Instagram, and 61% aren’t watching YouTube. So despite what you may be hearing elsewhere, Snapchat is still alive, and likely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Snapchat has remained the singular social media platform which does not reveal likes, follows, or comments, and consequently has maintained its reputation as a more personal and less competitive setting for communicating with friends and family. The youngest social media users are loyal to Snapchat-- I’ve heard several teenagers say that they don’t even use Instagram at all, just Snapchat. 

So if you’re after that younger audience, you may want to consider maintaining a Snapchat presence. Want to figure out if Snapchat is right for you and your brand? This free eBook can help you decide.

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