6 Travel Snapchat Influencers to Follow Around the Globe

6 Travel Snapchat Influencers to Follow Around the Globe

Hitch a virtual ride with these 6 savvy Snapchatters as they travel around the world.  

1. angieaway

In 2010, Angie quit her job in order to pursue a life of travel and adventure. Since then, she has traveled to 36+ countries and is currently in St. Lucia, an Eastern Caribbean island. Follow her on snapchat to get a taste of her luxurious lifestyle and breathtaking views. 


2. backpackerbrock

2009 marked the start of Brock’s adventure as he set off on a one year journey across 36 countries in 6 continents. His love for traveling was sparked that year, and since then, he has reached a total of 74 countries. Follow Brock on snapchat to see his day-to-day comedic and fascinating adventures, currently in Bali. 


3. globotreks

Norbert is a Puerto Rican architect who has a thirst for adventure. Follow him on snapchat to experience his travels and watch first-hand as he attempts to complete visiting all UN recognized countries (he’s already been to 95!)


4. kwilliams300

Originally from Idaho, solo female traveler, Katie (better known as “The Traveling Spud”) began a one year trip around the world in September of  2016. Currently in the Netherlands, follow Katie on snapchat for her pictures and videos, guaranteed to be filled with spunk. 


5. drewbinsky

Drew travels the world for a living, and since 2012 has visited 107 countries. Currently in the Philippines, Drew is a must-follow on snapchat to experience his month-long adventure here, and his many travels to follow. 


6. gl0 

This week, Gloria’s snapchats featured a GoPro convention in Vail, Colorado, where she and other snapchat influencers met (she even got to be in charge of GoPro’s Instagram stories for a day!) Stay tuned to find out where in the world this avid traveler is off to next.



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