Border Perspective: Stories from the U.S. / Mexico Border

Border Perspective: Stories from the U.S. / Mexico Border

Yonathan Moya joins us today to share his latest project, Border Perspective. 

My brother Jordan and I are all about adventure. In the last few years, we’ve spent time volunteering in Costa Rica, traveled all over the Midwest and even explored frozen waterfalls in Minnesota together. All in all, adventure lives within us.
Earlier this year we were texting in our siblings group message, when we had an idea for our next adventure. Jordan and I grew up on the South Texas border, but have lived in the Midwest for most of our adult life. After becoming frustrated with the current, divisive political conversation about the construction of a border wall on the southern border, we decided to cut through the rhetoric and go on a quest to gain first-hand experience of the borderlands.

Our goal was to capture photos of the people and culture, and simply listen to the different perspectives of those who live there. Our 9 day journey was close to 2,000 miles and took us through the southern border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & California.
Even though we grew up along a small part the border, we realized, we didn’t know everything about life on the border; as much as we wanted to share about life on the border with others, we also wanted to learn more for ourselves. We had no agenda - only to document life on the border and learn by listening to the perspectives of the people who live there.

We decided to create ‘Border Perspective’, an Instagram account where we would highlight our experience. The purpose of Border Perspective was to gain and share a fuller perspective on what life on the border is really like. Through our trip, we hoped to provide those who haven’t traveled to the border a glimpse of the existing fence structure, to share perspectives of the people who live there and to build relationships with those we met. As we took part in different dialogues, we gained a fuller understanding of a place we call home.

As storytellers, we have the opportunity to shape the direction of the adventures we take. For us, ‘Border Perspective’ was our chance to invite others into a conversation that a lot of people, aren’t typically interested in. The fact that this road trip wasn’t about conveying our agenda, but inviting others into a non-threatening conversation, is truly what helps drive the success of our project.

Adventures should be fun and exhilarating, but also have the ability to take us deeper, into a fuller understanding towards one another. As you prepare your next adventure, make sure to invite us along for the ride and think about the opportunity to challenge our understanding of the places you get to experience through your lens.

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