Free Digital Magazine: Creative Digest Spring 2017

Free Digital Magazine: Creative Digest Spring 2017

We're so excited to finally share Creative Digest! 

Since the birth of the new Snapfluence almost a year ago, we've shared hundreds of inspirational and educational articles for the creative community. I wanted to take a moment to put together a retrospective-- to go back through the archives and identify the most loved and most meaningful content we've had the pleasure of producing and/or publishing, and then wrap them up in one pretty package for your convenience. This biannual digital magazine features a combination of contributor content and original resources by our team here at Snapfluence. 

So, why would you read Creative Digest?

Want to show someone what Snapfluence is all about? Tell them to download the Creative Digest.

New to the site and need a good starting point? Download the Creative Digest.

Longtime reader who wants some offline reading? Download the Creative Digest.

Whatever your circumstance, I highly encourage you to flip through the magazine and appreciate just how talented our contributors are. This edition of Creative Digest features: AJ Fernando, Lucas Sigurdson, Karen Lao, Maris Degener, and Jessica Love.




P.S. Here's a little sneak peek of what it looks like inside...



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