Get Your Money Right: 8 Must Listen Personal Finance Podcasts

Get Your Money Right: 8 Must Listen Personal Finance Podcasts

1. Bad With Money | Gaby Dunn

Episodes include “Get Rich or Die Vlogging” in which Gaby talks about the trap of being super recognizable, but not earning any brand sponsorships via social and having trouble holding down a job because you’re constantly being stopped for photos/autographs. In general, she’s funny and irreverent and she talks frankly and refreshingly about money. 

2. Spent | Lindsay Goldwert

Journalist and stand-up comedian Lindsay Goldwert hosts SPENT-- the funny podcast for the financially challenged. Lindsay has several comedians as guests on her podcast, so you hear real life stories of how creatives can find financial normalcy while living the freelance life. Plus, topics like how you can negotiate down your medical bills, and freelance tax how-to’s. 

3. Your Money Matters | Wall Street Journal

Everyday, The Wall Street Journal shares five minutes worth of money news. Topics vary in scope from the global market, to the economy, to personal finance. Tune in daily to help yourself make more informed decisions about your own money. 

4. Afford Anything | Paula Pant

The Afford Anything podcast, and “movement,” is rooted in the idea that you can afford anything but not everything. Host Paula Pant and her guests explore how we can make smarter decisions, and how we can align our daily behaviors with the lifestyle we desire most. Particularly interesting episodes include How To Combat Lifestyle Inflation and socially responsible investing.

5. So Money | Farnoosh Torabi

Financial correspondent Farnoosh Torabi brings on some of the world’s leading business minds and influencers, like Tim Ferriss and Danielle LaPorte, to learn about their unique financial philosophies, failures, and successes. In the Ask Farnoosh series, she answers listeners questions about professional, financial, and social life.

6. Millennial Money | Shannah Compton Game

Frankly, you don’t have to be a millennial to learn from Shannah Game’s Millennial Money podcast. Shannah is realistic and relatable, and addresses everything you need to know to build a good financial foundation early in life. From managing money as a couple, to investing, to student loan debt, Millennial Money will arm you with the know how to handle your precious moolah.

7. Paychecks and Balances | Rich and Marcus

Rich and Marcus host what they call a “funformative” podcast in which they interview an array of financial experts about better managing your paychecks and balances. In addition to financial resources, Rich and Marcus address other related topics, like professional growth, in episodes like “My Co-workers are dating and it sucks!” and “Should I stay at my job until debt free?”

8. Radical Personal Finance | Joshua Sheats

Joshua of Radical Personal Finance prides himself on the in depth nature of the content he provides. With a huge archive of episodes organized by super specific topic, from wealth building strategies to planning for particular life events like leasing a car or buying a house), you can find actionable advice for whatever specific stage you are at in your financial journey. 

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