5 Slow Food Bloggers To Nourish Your Soul

5 Slow Food Bloggers To Nourish Your Soul

These days, everything we do is fast. We constantly rush to finish doing one thing only to move onto the next thing without coming up for a breath of air. We multitask to “save time”-- time that should be spent with intention, but ends up being spent mindlessly. We’re less present than ever thanks to our dimming attention spans and the explosion of technology that feeds our instant gratification obsessions. 

In recent decades, as automation and mechanization have taken over, slow living movements have sprouted up organically around the globe. One of the most notable of the movements is the Slow Food movement that came out of Italy in the ‘80s, with the stated mission of countering “the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat and where it comes from.” 

Slow Food USA defines Slow Food as “food that’s good for us, good for our environment and good for the people who grow, pick and prepare it.” Thus the intention here is to be more intentional. It’s not all about organic labels-- it’s about being conscious about where your food comes from and how it’s prepared. It’s about slowing down and taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasures. And it all starts at your kitchen table.

We’ve rounded up 5 brilliant slow food bloggers that will inspire you to think a little harder, and slower, about what you eat, when, where, why, and how. While they do not all label themselves as slow food bloggers, they have demonstrated thorough interest in the sourcing of their ingredients, have grown their own food, and set phenomenal examples for how to best slow down and appreciate the food we put into our bellies. 

1. Our Food Stories

Laura and Nora create stunning recipes from locally sourced ingredients, often featuring produce from their own garden, like this Blueberry Pavlova or this Beetroot Ravioli. Everything is gluten-free too, so celiacs are welcome! Our favorite part, though, is how they bring people together through their food. Whether it’s part of their Dinner Stories series or simply a Spring breakfast under a plum tree, Laura and Nora’s photography perfectly captures the coziness of a communal meal. 

2. Local Milk

Beth, the brains behind Local Milk, explains eloquently, “all of the work I do is inspired by the notion of nesting wherever you go and traveling even when you’re at home.” Beth embodies the slow living movement on the whole, and strives to portray real life, real food, and real people. You can just taste the love in her food and recipes, straight through the screen. It’s truly a joy to see the world, and the kitchen table, through her eyes (or lens). 

3. Adventures in Cooking

Eva shares some of the best content in food and homesteading that we’ve ever seen. She’s a devoted gardener, chicken mother, bee keeper, and wild food forager. Not to mention, she founded Secret Suppers-- dreamy dinner gatherings grounded in sustainable food and community. Look to Eva as the ultimate facilitator of good food + good people. 

4. The Feast

Lindsay and her husband packed up their life in bustling London to move to the English countryside, where The Feast was born. Working in a kitchen at a small estate that grows much of its own produce has had a profound impact on Lindsay’s view of food and cooking. She seeks to tell stories through her food and recipes, and is most inspired by the imperfect stories and mishaps behind the foods she eats and creates. 

5. Eat Your Beats

Trisha is a whole food blogger who quickly settled into the slow + intentional living scene. She dabbles in ethical fashion and beauty, but her bread and butter (no pun intended) is food content. She feeds her family thoughtfully, with attention to nourishment of both the body and the earth. Trisha shares musings on urban gardening, cooking while camping, and downright delectable recipes. 

Photo by sydney zentz on Unsplash

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