8 YouTube Cooking Shows that are Better than Food Network

8 YouTube Cooking Shows that are Better than Food Network

Summer intern, Maddie, rounded up some of the most entertaining (and mouthwatering) cooking shows on the interwebs!

1. Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. by Laura Miller

If you’re anything like me, you may think that being vegan sounds somewhat unappealing; however, after watching Laura Miller’s YouTube channel, I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind it. She makes normal foods into vegan versions that you probably never knew was possible. Check out her channel for vegan chicken nuggets, Pop Tarts, burritos, and even cheese-- yes, vegan cheese. Bonus: she's a goofball and coined "froobs," or fruit-boobs. 

2. My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart, the mastermind behind “My Drunk Kitchen,” hilariously videos herself  whilst drinking alcohol and attempting to cook things. Throughout the video, she makes fun of herself, her lack of proper cooking tools, and how horrible her food typically turns out. Her YouTube channel has become so famous, that starting August 14th, she will have her very own show on the Food Network.

3. SORTEDFood 

This YouTube channel is comprised of four British guys who share a love of cooking, comedy, and competition. While the show is full of jokes, their cooking skills are surprisingly pretty impressive. They often compete in “battles” against each other, such as “The Ultimate Burrito Battle,” and “The Ultimate Fast Food Battle.” With 1.7 million subscribers, this channel is a must-watch.

4. Epic Meal Time

When this group of guys named their YouTube channel “Epic Meal Time,” they seriously weren’t kidding about the “epic” part. Surf their channel to be completely taken aback by the incredible, calorie-filled masterpieces they create. From a 100 pound brisket sandwich to a 1 million calorie lasagna, these guys have done it all (and eaten it all). 

5. Byron Talbott

Byron is a great chef to watch if you are looking for some unique and tasty recipes. With over 1.2 million subscribers, Byron is definitely a YouTube hit. Even better, his recipes are seemingly complex and sophisticated, but in actuality easy to follow and conveniently listed directly below each video. Watch Byron’s channel to see him create banana bread ice cream, crispy lasagna, potato waffle crisps, and much more. 

6. You Suck at Cooking

A parody on real-life TV cooking shows, “You Suck at Cooking” features a plethora of jokes to poke and prod at the way real cooking show hosts act. Watch videos such as “7 Ways to Chop an Onion,” and “ASMR Potato Latkes” if you are looking for a laugh. 

7. Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale is quite popular on YouTube with almost 3 million subscribers. Her channel is full of videos on all kinds of foods-- desserts, appetizers, main courses, and Italian cuisine. Her videos are interactive and super easy to follow along! If you want to learn how to cook, Laura’s channel is a good place to start.  

8. Binging with Babish

This YouTube channel is a must-subscribe if you are a lover of good food, and TV and movies. Andrew Rae is a unique chef; he re-creates popular food dishes seen on TV and in movies such as “moon waffles” from The Simpsons, “The Moistmaker” from Friends, and the chocolate cake from Matilda. His shows are comedic, interesting, and nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. He even includes video clips from whichever show he is re-creating a recipe from. 

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